Executive Search for
Life Science Companies

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Executive and Professional Level Search for Biopharma and Medical Technology Companies 

We know companies distinguish themselves primarily by the people they hire and our expertise is helping them build teams that succeed.  While there’s often debate about the skills needed to be a good search consultant, we think it boils down to one key element – finding the best people and doing it consistently.  That’s why we’ve chosen to exclusively focus on a very specific market segment.  Doing so allows us to cultivate actionable intelligence and gives us keen insights into the accomplishments and reputations of our target audience. 

We appreciate the opportunity to help you meet your strategic objectives and are thankful for the chance to be part of your success story ​ 

We understand the strategic role a high performing key executive can play in the commercial development of inventions and ideas. The people we work with are high integrity, can-do types who are keenly committed to advancing medical care.  We uncompromisingly seek out individuals who characteristically display humility, flexibility, respect, teamwork, good judgment and an ability to get the most out of your hard-earned resources. 

We're committed and we're here for you 

It’s easy to say but we mean it in every sense of the word.  Our partnership with you means a full commitment to your success.  From the beginning we work with you to define the experiences, personal attributes and numerous other factors that will lead to an ideal candidate match.  We examine the uniqueness of your company and faithfully represent those special qualities to prospective applicants.  Potential candidates are carefully evaluated to understand the concerns and circumstances that are motivating them.  Most importantly – we communicate with you each step of the way so there are no surprises.